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All text and graphics from our books, dictionaries, ebooks, free downloads, stickers, flashcards, graphics packs and website are Copyright © Cath Smith and cannot be copied or reproduced without written permission and acknowledgements.

Our books, flashcards, posters, ebooks, dictionaries etc. are not copiable apart from 14 pages in the Let’s Sign Dictionary Everyday BSL for Learners 2nd Edition – and Let’s Sign BSL Building Blocks Tutor book.  The pages that may be copied have permission and copyright details printed at the bottom.

We are frequently asked for permission to use our graphics to enhance information leaflets and posters etc. for deaf service users.  For small publications that are free to the public, there may be no charge for this but you do need to contact us with details and for permission.  For large projects or commercial publications a royalty payment may be charged.

We endeavour to keep our prices affordable for learners and wish to point out that our books and other printed materials are not designed or intended to be copied for sign language courses and classes but bulk order discounts are available.

For those who wish to create their own teaching and learning materials, the Let’s Sign BSL sign graphics are available in a variety of pack options on an annually renewable licence available from Widgit Software.  The terms of the licence require signature and outline how graphics may or may not be used and are legally binding.

Use of our LET’S SIGN BSL graphics or copying the graphics without permission is illegal.  It is also illegal to copy and alter the graphics in any way.  This includes downloading or copying the images or content from website pages.

DOWNLOADS are for use of the purchaser only.  All downloads including free downloads are to download to use on screen or to print in the format they are presented but the contents cannot be altered or reused in adapted formats to create new materials.

Please contact us for clarification if you cannot find details for your specific requirements.

The Let’s Sign BSL graphics and descriptive text may not be copied, scanned, reproduced or photographed without prior written permission from the copyright owner. Relying on the underlying body of work from the Let’s Sign BSL graphics to inform your own creations is considered copyright infringement and is not permitted.

All enquiries and requests for permission can be made in writing to

Copyright © Let’s Sign BSL graphics Cath Smith.

For more details and clarification please see …

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