Let’s Sign BSL – General



  • 4 Communication Tips Posters (Baby, Child, Teenage & Unilateral Loss) PDF
  • BSL Audiology Signs Poster PDF.
  • BSL Clothing Signs PDF.
  • BSL Greetings, Worksheets and QR links PDF.
  • BSL Numbers Quick Reference PDF.
  • BSL Park Signs PDF.
  • Fingerspelling Alphabet line drawings (for both left and right-handers) PDF’s.
  • Is Sign Language Universal? Poster PDF.
  • Aiming for Total Communication article from Nasen Magazine PDF.
  • Colours & Nouns Powerpoint presentation.

Also includes the British Deaf Association FingerSpelling font.

Requires Adobe Acrobat or another compatible PDF reader and Microsoft Powerpoint or other compatible software.

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